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What Is Synthetic ETF?

Posted by on Jun 15, 2017

A synthetic ETF is a synthetic exchange traded fund. A synthetic ETF is an investment instrument that imitates the characteristics of any exchange traded fund through its derivatives or variables which are also known as swaps.

Like any other investment instrument, the synthetic exchange traded fund(ETF) keeps a tab on the changes in the values of the underlying asset indices using swaps. The one who provides the ETF makes a deal with a counterparty(a bank or any financial institution), where the counterparty makes a promise to return the swap value as per the underlying asset index. Therefore, the returns on the investment are dependent on the ability of the counterparty to fulfill the commitment.

There are 2 types of exchange traded funds:

  • Physical ETFs
  • Synthetic ETFs

While synthetics deal with collaterals and swaps, the physical ETF deals with securities of the index. The physical ETFs are highly transparent, whereas their synthetic counterparts are a little less transparent. Traditionally, the counterparty risk is more in synthetic ETFs than physical ETF and this cannot be ignored in synthetic ETFs. However, the risk of counterparty damage can be mitigated by collaterals.

Synthetic ETFs can be employed in sophisticated financial markets which are more transparent and ready for scrutiny and have the ability to deal with additional regulations imposed on the firms that deal with them.

The main advantage of synthetic ETFs is that they are very useful in tracking the underlying asset indices and setting up an effective benchmark with lesser tracking errors. The synthetic ETFs help in accessing relatively obscure and untouched markets which have lesser liquidity levels.

In the case of automated robot apps like the Millionaire Blueprint, synthetic ETFs may work well because the software may recognize cost-effective and untouched markets which yield lucrative returns.

Millionaire Blueprint and synthetic ETFs may be useful in tapping the obscure binary markets and help the applicants/ users in generating digital incomes. This app is one of the first to deal in binary options.

Synthetic ETFs have slowly gained acceptance as reliable instruments involving lower costs. The counterparty risks can also be mitigated with regulations to limit the damage of any swap on the ETFs net asset value.

The system is complex and difficult to comprehend for any individual or small-time investor. Though synthetically replicated trade funds are becoming more accurate and reliable, it is prudence to assess the quantitative and qualitative effects of these ETFs before investing in them.

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Is quick cash system legit?

Posted by on Sep 17, 2016

Is quick cash system legit?

This is one of the new automated binary options software and developers claim it returns 90% of the money on the initial investment. Highly educated professionals and trades have designed this software which provides free signals to traders. Quick cash system offers new solutions and innovations and traders now have the opportunity to control their investment. Traders still have their doubts and questions regarding this software and whether it’s genuine. Binary options trading is a risky business and in a matter of second, you can lose all your money. On the other hand, if you are experienced enough, you can earn it quite easily.

What is a quick cash system?

Binary options platforms are made to target special types of people, those who don’t want to put too much effort and still make money. Those people don’t like regular jobs and limitations, and binary options platforms offer them precisely that. They have the opportunity to make money in the comfort of their home.

In the video where quick cash system is presented, the developers promise traders that if they quit their job and start trading binary options with their platform, they will become millionaires in three months, which is likely to happen. In this type of business, you can lose everything in one second, but if you have enough skills you can also earn something.

How to access to a quick cash system?

It is very important to follow these steps, if you make some mistake, you won’t only lose the access to your account, but also your deposit.

img_7039smallTo make an account, you must visit their website and your IP address will be noted in their database. On the first page, you will be offered to enter your email address, and that would be your ID. Make sure that you only use a proper email address, which has not been used on their website. After you finish this step, you will be redirected to the second page. Here also you need to enter an email address, as well as your name and phone number. Once you hit the enter button, this form will be filled up.

Check the email account you used to register because Quick Cash System will send you an email with log in details. In to start trading you will need money, so after you log in you will need to deposit the minimum amount required for the trading. Stock broker trading in a bull marketThe system will automatically detect your transaction and it will start delivering you free binary options signals. From here you can decide to choose the auto – trade options or to trade binary options manually.

If you want to have good results in trading with this software, you need to learn some strategies. On the other hand, even if you use good and reliable techniques, sometimes they won’t bring you profitable trades. slider1-handshakeBased on our opinion, quick cash system is a legitimate trading software, but to have successful trades, you need to have a lot of experience and skills. And if something goes wrong, you shouldn’t blame quick cash system.


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Is Fintech LTD real deal?

Posted by on Sep 17, 2016

Is Fintech LTD real deal?

This is a new trading system that started with work in April 2016. The Quick Cash System has a lot of similarities with many others trading software, and it is used for classical binary options trading. It will provide traders random signals, but only traders can decide how much money he will invest into the trading. With this trading software, you will have the ability to control the number of trades, to stop losses and to choose different assets.

The truth behind the Fintech Ltd

This trading software doesn’t make false promises; it doesn’t give its traders the opportunity to earn huge piles of money in just one day. On the other hand, it provides free binary signals. These signals are well researched and established by binary options experts. The developer of his system Daniel Roberts had one thing on his mind, to provide traders to engage more into the game, but at the same time to eliminate the risks, like classical trading has.

What type of system is this?

0Well-established professional developed this software and they had only one goal, to provide secure trading and to give traders the multitasking option. They are now able to perform various trades at the same time with the ease and convenience. With the help of this program, traders now have the possibility to predict the value of certain trade and its movement. In this way, they will be able to make a large number of successful trades and to expect the big return. The Fintech Ltd also provides the analytics of the market. In this way, the traders will always know what to expect. Traders now have the accessibility of secret trades, but they are not revealed. As its developer states, you only have to invest few dollars, while expecting the return of few hundreds.

Finance Bright Idea over Human HeadMany people are wondering about the Fintech Ltd and is it a scam? But no other binary options software will provide you the results like the Fintech Ltd and guarantee you 100% successful ratio.  The required tastings have been made, and that is one of the reasons why this system takes the leading role. Even though the binary options trading is a risky business, with this software you won’t have any problems.

nh-2The advantages of this program are vast. You can learn how to trade with this software, the average winning during the week is 95%, this means more profit for you. It doesn’t have any hidden faults, and it is fully transparent. You don’t have to be an expert to use Fintech Ltd. It is completely web-based, so there is no need for any additional download. This software is supported on phones and tablets, and you can track your trade through the phone and while on a move. Every day you will receive between 27 and 113 binary options trading signals, which is quite enough to earn some money.

The only downside of this system is that it doesn’t guarantee to the traders 100% of success, but 97% and you need to have the internet connection to use it.

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