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Centument review – is it a scam or lack of experience?

Posted by on Sep 17, 2016

Centument review – is it a scam or lack of experience?

The Centument is one of the latest binary options trading software that everyone is talking about. Many people are skeptical regarding this type of software, and they don’t believe anything they read online. There are a lot of companies that pay a really large amount of money to gather positive critics from people. But, we assure that this is not the case. We will provide you an honest opinion and share our findings with you.

The main facts about this software

Gerald Reed, a professional trader, developed this software. The interface of the website is well structured and not something that is often seen. There are a lot of scam software on the market nowadays, but this company had put some effort in developing the website. 10 Best Binary Robots you can find useful information regarding a binary trading. planificacionThe website doesn’t have grammatical errors of false testimonials. There are a lot of websites that place false photos of people who become reach by using their product. But, that’s not the case with Centument. On their website, you won’t find any information nor video that will persuade to join in, which is refreshing to see. They have a different and more honest approach.

How much money will you be able to make with Centument?

20160623194234s_5The average amount of return is between 73% and 80%, which is quite enough and without giving you a false promise. But, how much money you can make? This is what interests the traders the most. Unfortunately, no one can guarantee you large success, because each trade carries its risk. Of course, if you put higher trades, you will be able to earn more money, than someone who puts small trades.

To feel more comfortable, we advise you to start lightly and to conduct smaller trades. In this way, you won’t be risking too much. Even though the Centument is not a scam, you shouldn’t listen to the opinion of other people, especially if you are inexperienced. Many people will tell you that this is a great opportunity, but you should follow your pace and invest according to your needs.

Centument signals

businessman with computer, papers and calculatorThe Centument interface has advanced options, but it functions simply. This is an automated system, and trader can switch from automated to manual controls every time he wants. Trades are performed directly on broker’s account. This platform is very easy to use; it doesn’t matter of you are a beginner. One of the most important things regarding this platform is that you can make money and achieve profit through your trades. Their signals are even available for the people who are living outside the United States.

Another great advantage of this software it’s outstanding customer service. You just need to send them an email, and they will respond you within the hour. In this way, you will always be protected, if any further problems occur.

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