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Free money system: is it a scam?

Posted by on Sep 17, 2016

Free money system: is it a scam?

This is one of the latest binary options trading platforms, and its developer claims it can earn free money. With the help of computer and internet connection, the free money system is one of the greatest ways to make huge amounts of money, so they say. The process is very simple; you just need to open an account, take few online tutorials on how to make money and you are all set. And of course, you won’t be charged anything! But, is it like that?

The founder of this system – Walter Green

Walter Green created the free money system, and he presented an appealing video, where he explains how it works. He states that is possible to earn huge amounts of money by just sitting at home. Despite everything, you still need to invest some money to earn it. Initial deposit is $200 in order, to begin trading.

What is a free money system?

false-breakout-strategyThis is a software application which notifies the trades when a profitable trade is available. Click here to sends a notification to the user when to make a trade to create a profit. Walter Green created complex algorithms, and they determine the profitability of trade and when are the highest chances for success. Since this system isn’t completely automated, beginners who don’t have experience may start this type of trading without any risks.

forex-binary-optionsSince the software is free, many people are wondering about the catch. Because nothing is free nowadays. When you take a more detailed approach, you will see that there is no catch. If you make a profitable trade, the platform will take a small commission. This all depends on an amount you win. For example, if you $300, the software developer will take approximately $20. Of course, this is one of the reasons why he made this platform. While the individuals, like you, make money, in the same time he is making money too. This isn’t something you should worry about. The most important thing here is that you can earn money while using this trading software.

To begin your trade, you will need to open an account and to deposit the minimum amount of $200. After you complete this action, you are allowed to trade.

The main question remains, does this software works? You would have to agree that trading binary options is a risky business, and that’s why many people avoid it. screenshot_1-7On the other hand, if some platform promises you a high return of the funds, then you should think about it. In this case, the free money system can come as a handy solution.  With the help of advanced mathematical algorithms, free money system helps you choose a successful trade and out your money on it. The success rate is around 70% which is not that low, just enough to get you started.

The free system money is not a scam, but you need to have a good experience in binary options trading.


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